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4020 - 26 Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2B 0C9

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Satori Wellness Studio:

4020 - 26 Avenue SE

(Previously Located in Bridgeland)

This "Planting Seeds for Children" Yoga Playschool Program was created for children ages 3-5 operating now in our new location in Forest Lawn (4020 - 26 Avenue SE - previously located in Bridgeland NE).  This class is a fun and zen way for children to build confidence and comfort in their bodies in a creative yoga-and-play preschool program. Children learn yoga poses, breathwork, and mindfulness in a playful way while also building their imagination through open-ended play materials and activities. You can also expect your child to be connecting to nature on the rooftop garden, outdoor space, and learning through song, story, free-play, and movement.  Program registration fees are $75.00 annually.  Cost of program is $100.00-$200.00/month (depending on frequency per week).  

This nature-based yoga program is taught by Diana Trang, a Certified Children's Yoga Teacher.  Diana also has a background in Early Childhood Education and has many years of experience working with children in various work and volunteer settings.  As a mother and educator, Diana finds herself inspired by the Waldorf, Reggio-Emilia, Montessori, and Forest School approaches; and is an Attachment Parent at heart.  She believes there is value in all of these philosophies - and as such - you will see many of these teachings integrated into her customized curriculum.


This nurturing and engaging program focuses on the "whole child".  Children are tuned into daily rhythms which flow through yoga and movement, mindfulness, nature, open-ended play, song, stories, and artwork; all of which ultimately encourage cognitive development and growth; while also building on fundamental initiative, integrity, imagination, and inquiry!