- "I am a kindergarten teacher and am exposed to many viruses daily. I usually get bad colds and lose my voice several times a year. Since I started using the Immuno-logical mist (2x/day) I have not had either and have not missed a day of work due to illness. It works for me!!  I love that it smells great and that is probably why I used it regularly in the beginning. Now, I use it all the time because it works!" ~ Marguerite F.

- "Diana made two custom scents for our studio (Hive Fit Co) and we absolutely love them. Our clients can't stop asking what is in them and where we got them from. I let her know what we had in mind and she created them better than I imagined. I would highly recommend her services." ~ Bre B.


- "Throughout the entire experience Diana illustrated the highest amount of professionalism while Semra worked towards delivering our precious baby boy.  She was the glue that held us together during 34 hours of labor and worked with the medical staff without overstepping her boundaries.  I was extremely impressed with her compassionate character and ability to help in what seemed overwhelming at times.  Diana is an amazing person and I would recommend her as a Doula to anyone who is looking at having a child."  ~ Colin T.

- "I feel so blessed to have had Diana by my side for Brody's birth.  She was my support, my friend, my rock.  Whenever I was afraid, I looked for her.  I knew she would have the right things to say or the right touch.  She took care of Colin so he could take care of me.  I will always be grateful and she'll always have a special place in my heart and with my family."  ~Semra B.

- "Diana was extremely attentive and knowledgeable.  She was such a helpful and calming presence in the the room." ~ Sara C.

- "Diana was such a wonderful advocate for her patient; even when it came down to the tiny details of just asking for clarity on aspects of procedures, to make sure that the patient was comfortable moving forward."  ~Heather W.


"Miss Diana is just so darn great :) My son loves going to her yoga play school. It has been a great experience so far, and an awesome introduction to 'school' for my energetic son. It seems like they do so many ACTIVE activities from yoga in the classroom, exploring the garden, scavenger hunts around the community centre or having fun on the playground. As a teacher myself, I like seeing all the child made crafts coming home, and hearing about the Waldorf and Montessori inspired learning opportunities they are doing in their close knit little group. Communication with Miss Diana has always been great and she's been so helpful in transitioning my sensitive little guy into the time away from home. She is always so positive and warm to the children :)  


The yoga play school has been a great experience for our family so far. Miss Diana has made the transition from home to school very positive and easy! Its so nice knowing my child is in such good hands :)"  ~Amanda B.M.

"I cannot say enough about the Yoga Playschool. My son absolutely loves attending and talks about his new friends and Miss Diana often throughout the week.  It's a wonderful outlet for my highly sensitive yet extremely energetic son. His energy is welcomed and it's always a positive experience for him."  ~Taunya I.