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Diana is the owner and founder of Satori Wellness Studio.  As the visionary for Satori, she brings forth a diverse array of experience  which adds a uniqueness that really separates Satori from other wellness studios.   With certifications as a:  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (AGBJJ/USFBJJ) Black Belt Professor, Yoga Teacher (Children's & Yin Yoga), Ginastica Natural Instructor, Meditation Teacher, Birth Doula CD(DONA), and Shiatsu Therapist (MRU), she remains highly qualified with her credentials - but more importantly - with her experience.  As you might notice - she has an insatiable hunger to learn and share.  Feeling blessed to be able to live and work in so many passions, she truly feels that each "hat" she wears compliments the other, and feels honored to be able to share her passions with the community.  Not only will you find her behind the scenes, but you'll also find her on the mats, in the classes, working with the kids, and out in the community.  Connecting with and building resilient communities is one of her main pillars as not only a social entrepreneur, but also as a human being!

A breakkdown of Diana's "why" when it comes to the types of modalities, programs, and offerings she's chosen for Satori:

As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Professor, Diana loves empowering others - especially women and children.  As one of the first female pioneers of the martial art in Western Canada, and as an advocate for mental health, self defense, child abuse preventation, and trauma healing,  Diana brings true life experience that matches that of her resume (read her full BJJ Bio here). For her, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is so much more than a self defense practice - it is lifestyle - a community.  It is also confidence, friendship, discipline, self-care, self-importance, self -empowerment, and  - of course - physical and mental wellness.


As a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, she loves sharing mindfulness practices with children and families.  Mindfulness is an integral part of her children's yoga classes, but it's also the premise for her workshops for parents & caregivers as well.  She believes in yoga as not only a practice of stretching and postures, but also a practice of breathwork, meditation, self-expression and self-love - all which balance the body, mind and spirit.  By instilling this practice in children while young, it allows those fundamental skills to become engrained into their lifestyle, giving them tools and outlets for self-discovery, growth, and healthy practices.  In workshops with parents & caregivers, she teaches practices which cultivate self-awareness & growth, positive approaches to parenting, and coping strategies for the stresses of everyday life. 

As a Ginastica Natural Instructor, she loves teaching the value of movement and breath to enhance not only performance and conditioning, but to enhance everyday life.  Being more attune with one's body, one's potential and limitations are the key to success - and in creating goals for betterment of self.  As a BJJ Black Belt and Yoga Teacher, Diana sees this as a perfect blend of 2 arts; whether the purpose is to enhance another art form, or, to practice on it's own for better health, strength, movement, agility, and flexibility.  

Diana's approach in  Shiatsu is a holistic one, as she believes all environments have an influence on our health (internal and external).  The premise of Shiatsu is to restore and maintain balance in the whole body - mentally, emotionally, as well as physically.  Based on Traditational Chinese Medicine (TCM), Shiatsu is a non-invasive, intuitive, effective, relieving, and relaxing.

As a Doula, she believes strongly in women's voice and choice when it comes to childbirth.  She advocates for the continuous care model and believes strongly in the mind-body connection.  In addition to this, she believes heart-centered, mindful and intuitive informed choices are the foundation to positive experiences regardless of where (or how) a woman choses to birth.    

In her free time, Diana loves to spend time with her beautiful boys, family and friends.  Trips to the mountains, camping, biking, fishing, and just being out in nature - at the source! As a passionate Jiu Jiteira under the highest ranked BJJ Black belt in Alberta, Anderson Goncalves, Diana also continues to compete and train outside of the classes she teaches (see Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Bio here).  She is also the first and only female black belt at her academy.


Mark Shields

Yoga Style    Hatha Yoga

Classes:  Hatha Yoga, Yoga Restore, Family Yoga  

Your "Why": I do and teach yoga because it gives me space to open my mind to new ideas, experiences, and possibilities.  I practice for what it gives me off the mat and outside of the classroom.

Favourite Pose: Tree Pose, or any balance pose really!

Favourite Book: I have a hard time choosing between two very different books: Tolstoi's Anna Katerina, which weaves together people and place so masterfully (few books I have read so voraciously) and Joseph Hellar's Catch-22, which describes the shared experience among men on a slow descent to madness - I believe this is the only book I've ever chosen to read twice (as an adult).

Birth Place: Edmonton, AB

Years living in Calgary: 15

Interesting Fact about Mark: Hosted a show on CJSW Radio for 2 years, called: Minima Sensibilia (inspiring my yoga company name!)

Your Story in a Nutshell:

I first became submerged in yoga after attending Ashtanga classes in 2008 and very quickly finding a sense of peace and humility exploring the movements, postures, and finding a depth to my breath.  With passing time, I explored other sequences, school teachers, and eventually trained to teach in 2014 with the Inspired Yoga Institute.  While I don't teach Ashtanga, I find that I still incorporate much of my experience with it into my hatha classes, building on foundational postures, repeating movements, and always bringing focus through the breath. I also trained to teach a program (Yoga Thrive) specific to those who live with or have had cancer, and felt drawn to Satori Wellness Studio's mission to utilize yoga and meditation for healing, mentally and physically. I am excited to share my practice with all Satori members!

Anna du Plessis

Yoga Style    Alignment-Based Yoga

Classes:  Yoga for the Deaf


Your "Why": Coming soon!


Favourite Pose: Coming Soon!


Favourite Book: Coming Soon!


Birth Place: Coming Soon!


Years living in Calgary: Coming Soon!


Interesting Fact about Anna: Coming Soon!


Your Story in a Nutshell:

Hi, my names is Anna du Plessis and I am a Certified Yoga Instructor.  Why did I become a Yoga Instructor?  I started going to yoga in 2011 after so many treatments with physiotherapy for my health issues and I not getting better.  I decided to try yoga.   Yoga improved my health and I always felt good after the classes.  I wanted to get full benefits from learning yoga, so I began to search for somebody who knows sign language to teach the classes, since I am deaf.  It was not available in Calgary.  I thought that having a sign language instructor would be greatly helpful.  I decided to take up course to become an instructor so that the deaf can benefit from yoga.  I graduated Alberta Yoga College on December 10, 2013.  I have been teaching Alignment-Based Yoga since 2014 to both hearing and deaf students and would love to help you on your journey.  Namaste.

Yoga for the Deaf