Family Wellness Calgary Alberta


Satori Wellness Studio is mind and body wellness studio located in Calgary, Alberta.  The "Studio" side of Satori focuses on classes and workshops for adults and children in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Self Defense, Yoga, Meditation/Breathwork, and Ginastica Natural/Movement.  The "Services" side of Satori offers Birth Doula Services and Massage Therapy.

Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term, translated as "awakening" or "understanding".  It is often considered one's first step on the path towards enlightenment. 


Satori began in 2011 after Diana completed her certification as a Shiatsu Therapist through Mount Royal University.  Diana's vision then was to build a practice which offered multi-disciplinary services to support the individual.  However, after having 2 children {the light of her life!} and becoming a Birth Doula, she decided to shift her focus to one that focused on families as well.  Her vision is to offer a variety of classes and services to support families and individuals throughout various stages of growth - with a objective centered around wellness.


-  I fell in love with the term "Satori" when I was doing my Shiatsu studies.  The moment I came across it, I felt a deep connection to the term. The more I learned about it's meaning, the more I realized it was exactly what I wanted to name my practice.  This time in my life was a very pivotal time for me in my growth; I began a journey that has lead me to discover ever-growing passions - a journey that has also taught me the importance of looking within.   When we are able to look within and truly listen to our bodies and our hearts, it unleashes such a remarkable potential.  There is also a balance there, as in nature, that relies on a dichotomy of opposite forces and energy.  Finding the right balance and harmony is unique to each individual.  Choosing healthy practices for body and mind, not only, help us to find that harmony, but it also opens up life to joy, transformation, healing, community, and great health.  ~Diana


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step~ Lao Tzu